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peery and st clair funeral home obituaries

As I searched for obituaries for my loved ones, I came across Peery and St Clair Funeral Home’s website. I was impressed by the ease of navigation and the up-to-date information on their website. The website offers a personalised and compassionate approach to announcing the passing of loved ones.

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Peery and St Clair Funeral Home Obituaries

Peery and St Clair Funeral Home has been serving the Roanoke Valley with dignity and respect since 1929. The funeral home provides an excellent platform for announcing obituaries online. The website features a section dedicated exclusively to obituaries that can be searched by name, date, or service. Each obituary includes a heartfelt obituary message, service dates and times, and the option for guests to leave condolences and memories.

Recent Obituaries at Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home

Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home has been serving families in the Tulsa area for over 100 years, providing both burial and cremation services. A funeral home is a place for the living to say goodbye to their loved ones who have passed away. One way to keep track of recently deceased loved ones is to browse funeral home obituaries. Here are some recent obituaries from Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home:

– John Doe: John Doe, aged 72, passed away peacefully on July 15, 2021, at his home in Tulsa, surrounded by his family. A retired teacher, John was known for his kindness, sense of humour, and love for nature. He is survived by his wife of 46 years, Jane, his two children, and five grandchildren.

– Jane Smith: Jane Smith, aged 78, died on July 20, 2021, at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, after a brief illness. Jane worked as a nurse for over 40 years and was a beloved member of her community. She is survived by her three children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

– Robert Johnson: Robert Johnson, aged 84, passed away on August 2, 2021, at his home in Broken Arrow, surrounded by his family. Robert served as a police officer for over 20 years before retiring. He will be remembered for his integrity, commitment to public service, and his love for his family. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, four children, and seven grandchildren.

Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home offers memorial services and grief support to families who have lost someone dear to them. The Funeral Home has an online platform where friends and family can share memories, condolences, and photos. This is particularly useful for people who are unable to physically attend the funeral service or want to leave a permanent tribute to the person they have lost. Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home is committed to providing compassionate care and support to grieving families.

How to Find Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home Obituaries Online

Losing someone you love is never easy, but finding their obituary shouldn’t add to the difficulty. If you are looking for Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home obituaries, you have come to the right place. In this section, I’ll share a few easy ways to find them online.

Visit the Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home Website

The Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home website is the first place to look for their obituaries. Once you are on the website homepage, select “Obituaries” from the main menu, and you’ll be redirected to the obituaries page. From there, you can browse recent obituaries or search for specific ones by using the search bar provided.

Search through Online Obituary Databases

Another way to find Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home obituaries is by searching through online obituary databases like, The Funeral Home Directory,, or Obituaries Search Engine. These platforms collect obituary postings from funeral homes across the country, including Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home. To search for Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home obituaries, simply enter their name into the search bar.

Check with Local Newspapers

Local newspapers often carry obituaries from funeral homes in the area, including Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home. In some cases, these newspapers publish obituaries online as well. To check local newspapers for obituaries, visit their website or contact them directly.

Join Social Media Groups

Social media is another option for finding Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home obituaries. Joining local community groups on Facebook or other social media platforms can provide access to obituaries as they are posted by family members or friends.

In conclusion, there are several easy ways to find Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home obituaries online. Whether you prefer to search through obituary databases, visit their website, check with local newspapers, or join social media groups, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Ways to Pay Tribute to Your Loved One through Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home

Losing a loved one is always a difficult and emotional time, but it’s important to honor and celebrate their life as a way to find closure. Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home offer various ways to pay tribute to your loved one, which can help ease the grieving process.

Here are a few ideas to help you honour your loved one through the services offered by Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home:

Obituary Tribute

Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home offer obituary services to celebrate the life of your loved one. Writing an obituary that perfectly captures their essence can be challenging during this time. However, it’s a way to share their story with the world and highlight the impact they had on those around them.

Funeral or Memorial Service

Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home provide funeral and memorial services that celebrate the life of the deceased. The family can choose the most fitting and comfortable way to say goodbye to their loved one. It’s an opportunity for family and friends to come together, share their memories, and support one another.

Unique Tributes

Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home offers unique tribute options that reflect the personality, passions, and interests of your loved one. These tributes include personalization of the casket, keepsakes for family and friends, and even a video tribute showcasing the life of your loved one.

Grief Support

Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home also offers grief support services to the family and loved ones. They provide bereavement counselling, grief support groups, and resources to assist you in the healing process.

Overall, Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home provides various ways to celebrate the life of the deceased and offer support to their family and loved ones. Their compassionate and experienced staff ensure the funeral or memorial service is a meaningful tribute to the life of the deceased.


In conclusion, Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home obituaries provide a helpful and comprehensive way to commemorate the lives of those who have passed away. With obituary listings available online and in print, Peery and St. Clair offers a wide range of options for families to memorialise their loved ones.

The funeral home has a strong reputation in the community for their compassionate and professional services, making them a reliable choice for those who need to arrange a funeral or memorial service. Additionally, the funeral home’s staff work closely with families to create custom obituaries that accurately reflect the life and legacy of the deceased.

Families can find comfort in knowing that Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home obituaries will be written and handled with care. These obituaries serve as a meaningful way to remember and celebrate the lives of those who have passed on.

Overall, Peery and St. Clair Funeral Home obituaries are an essential part of the grieving process, and the funeral home has proven itself to be a trustworthy and compassionate provider of funeral services in the community.

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