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Visiting a casino can be a scary experience for those who have never been before. This is because the casino is quite unlike any other place in the world. People go there to have fun with their friends, but people also go there to do business meetings and make real money.

The casino is primarily viewed as a place for leisure, but for many professional gamblers and high rollers, a casino is also a place where large sums of money can be moved around. This means that there will often be celebrities and other rich individuals at the casino.

For these reasons, casino owners often like their establishments to be places where the wealthy feel at ease and don’t feel burdened by anyone acting out of place. This means that when you decide to visit the casino, you’ll have to act properly to fit in.

Casino veterans have devised a list of dos and don’ts that all casino patrons should follow to abide by casino etiquette. Casino etiquette simply refers to the way that you act when visiting the casino.

This article will provide you with the basics of general gambling and casino etiquette so that you’ll fit right in when you visit the local casino. We’ll also provide you with a few casino dress code tips so that you’ll also look the part when you do your gambling.

Let’s get into it!

Take it Easy On the Drinking

Many people who are inexperienced in casino etiquette or who simply haven’t spent a lot of time at casinos often feel like a visit is a chance to get drunk with their friends. While some lower-level casinos may encourage their patrons to get drunk, most medium to upper-level casinos often look down upon heavy drinking.

Of course, it’s more than okay to get yourself a drink or two to enjoy while sitting at the poker or blackjack table – and this applies at land-based venues and when you play at online casinos like Casino Grand Bay, too. However, it’s never acceptable to get too drunk. A casino is not a nightclub, and it shouldn’t be treated as such.

This is because casino owners and dealers at table games are often worried that patrons who overdrink may end up ruining the experience for other customers. There is nothing more embarrassing than ruining a table game for a bunch of other players simply because you’ve handed one too many drinks.

Always Tip Your Dealer

The dealer is one of the most important figures at the casino. They facilitate the games that each and every patron plays. They take the time to understand the rules of each game, and they also have the arduous task of dealing with difficult customers.

For instance, think about the drunk patrons we mentioned in the point above. It is the job of the dealer to handle these types of characters, should they decide to sit down and play at a certain type of table game.

What we’re trying to say here is that being a dealer is not an easy job. There are a lot of things that they always need to keep in mind and a lot of different situations that could arise when they’re on the job.

They always need to be ready for any casino happening, and they also need to be able to work on their feet. It’s for this reason that veterans of gambling consider it basic casino etiquette to tip the dealer whenever you sit down at a table to play a game. This is an essential tip for the new generation of gamblers.

Be Gentle with the Cards

If you’ve ever owned a deck of cards at a party, you know how easy it is for them to get damaged and rather unusable after a short period of time. This is especially prevalent at casinos, where most people fail to observe proper card etiquette.

It goes without saying that you should never overbend the cards in your hand, throw them around the table without much thought, or rest your drinks on them. If cards are face down on the table, you should also always only use one hand to turn them over instead of using two.

Always place the cards down gently and hand them back to the dealer once you’ve finished with a specific game.

Dress Properly

Most casinos in the medium to high-level ranges have dress codes that must be adhered to before entry is permitted. If you visit a casino in a place like Las Vegas, for example, there is no chance that you’ll be permitted entry if you’re wearing something like your beach-going attire.

If you plan on wearing your pajamas, you may as well stay at home with your favorite streaming service!

There are different levels of dress codes for different levels of casinos. Let’s go through each type of casino dress code in a little bit more depth:

  • Casual casino: Going to a casual casino does not mean that you get to dress in whatever you’d like. You should aim for semi-formal wear, like a button-up shirt and chino trousers. Stay away from ripped t-shirts, sweatpants, and flip-flops.
  • White Tie: This refers to the highest type of formal wear that can be asked for by casinos. This is often at most prestigious casinos or when high-class casinos are hosting special events. Think of Bond movies with tuxedos and long flowing dresses.
  • Black Tie: The black tie casino dress code is simply the formal and classy casino look that you’ll be expected to create when visiting a top-tier casino. Think of a dinner jacket or coat with matching trousers and a bowtie.
  • Corporate: This is usually for medium to high-level casinos. Think of your corporate business meeting or golfing day – this is the look you should be trying to mimic for corporate casino attire.
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