University life is a period that can shape you as a person for your entire adult life. On the academic side, it can set you up for the career of your dreams. On a personal note, you find out about love, life, becoming an adult, and making friends that’ll stay with you forever.

It can also be a tricky time. There’s a temptation on every corner that can severely affect your studies and, in turn, the rest of your life.

Whether you’re lucky enough to go to Oxbridge or any other university around the country, it’s important you look after yourself during this time and make sure you do what is in your future’s best interest.

Alcohol can be incredibly detrimental to that. And while we’re not saying you should never go to the pub after all Oxford is a great pub city, it is important to manage your intake wisely, and if you can avoid it at all. It will only help.

You’ll find that in many alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres in Oxford there are people who misused and abused booze and, as a result didn’t get the grades they wanted or the careers to follow, and have gone on to regret it. But why exactly should you avoid alcohol during your time at uni?

It’ll Reduce the Chance of Skipping Lectures

Without a hangover, there’s no way you’re missing that 9 a.m. lecture. You’re also less likely for a long lunch to slip into an afternoon boozing. These are both common as the result of alcohol, and by avoiding the booze, you’ll be less likely to miss lectures.

That means you aren’t missing important pieces of information for your course, you’ren’t having to catch up elsewhere, and you’re not missing useful collaboration time with coursemates that can also bolster your performance.

You’ll be More Focused on Your Work

Alongside this, you’ll be more focused more concentrated. Turning up to lectures under the influence of alcohol just isn’t constructive, while going on a hangover will just leave you unable to concentrate and not take anything in. You may as well not be there.

Essay writing can also be incredibly difficult during these periods. Your brain isn’t going to be working at full capacity, and what could be salient points will undoubtedly turn into waffle. And nobody wants that.

Your Mental Health Won’t Suffer

Alcohol can exacerbate mental health conditions and hangxiety and beer fear can be at their peak. University can be stressful enough, living away from home for the first time and the pressures of life.

More students than ever before are suffering with their mental health, particularly following the pandemic, and alcohol only makes that worse. Which isn’t going to help concentration on your studies.

You’ll Have Fewer Money Worries

Nor is constantly worrying about money. Most students aren’t flush, but still have to worry about paying rent, eating and travelling. Alcohol can eat into that hugely, especially with the price of booze these days.

It’ll only heighten anxiety, or mean you have to take more shifts at work, or find a job, which will eat into time you should perhaps be spending studying. By avoiding alcohol, you’ll save a bit and free up your time to work hard.

It’ll 100% Improve Your Grades

And when all that’s considered, it’s no surprise you’ll reap the rewards for it by avoiding alcohol. There is a direct link between alcohol and grade point averages, as studies have shown, and it can have implications on the career you have when graduating.

If there’s a close run job opportunity, a potential employer is going to opt for the graduate with a first over a 2:2 aren’t they? And if you’re the person with a first, then you can certainly drink to that!